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Marshall Allman is on crack

There is this really funny (and really long) behind the scenes video made by Wade Williams (who plays Bellick) and Marshall gets quite a bit of screen time. He goofs around, talks a bit about his life and jokes that LJ will go over to the dark side and find out that his real father is Kellerman.

You can watch it here

Prison Break/Starcrossed

Hi everyone...PB fan here. (actually I haven't watched in a while but I still LOVE S1&2)
I just watched 'Starcrossed' and completely loved it! So here I am wondering if anyones ever written any fics or has any icons. I'd love to get my hans on either.
Also here's a fic as a peace offering, it's kinda an old one but it's still one of my faves! Please let me know what you think! thanks and I look forward to meeting you all!! 

Title:His Fight
characters/pairings: MiSa, LiJa, LJ
Spoilers:S1&2 (just to be safe)
Warnings: Drug abuse, voilence
Summery: They had their fight and LJ had his. The aftermath of everything from LJ's POV. 

His Fight )
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Marshall in season 3

Prison Break Magazine Interview with Marshall Allman

Q: How many episodes of Season Three are you signed for?

A: I think I’m in six of the first 12 episodes so far.

(stolen from the TWOP spoiler topic)
Nathan: Beautiful!

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Does anybody remember that Starcrossed-video I made some time ago?

Well. This is what you get when your Starcrossed-vid is the only fanvid on Youtube:

Power up-films (Starcrossed is one of their films) contacted me few days ago. They wanted me to remove that Starcrossed-video and I need to tell them, why and what parts I used from it. I have 10 days to do that.

Also, they want all the money that I've made with it (thank God, I haven't made any money) and if I have icons or anything like that I have made from that movie... I have to remove them too.

Yes, I totally understand why they want me to remove that video and I've already done so, but I just wanted to warn you guys: Don't ever, ever, ever, ever add Starcrossed-vids on Youtube, because there is actually someone who cares about that and can do some nasty things with you, if you don't do as he says.

Anyway. Have a nice summer and don't do stupid things like I did. :D
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