October 3rd, 2006

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Hi I'm new here but I do wonder how I've got by this long without realising this was here... <3 for LJ!. I have noticed a serious lack of LJ/Nick! (Thank you Ab for posting a Nick/LJ <3 you!) I mean to rectify this slowly but surely. This first fic is getting me off to a gentle start with a bit of slush (everyone say aww). Slushfic and indeed PB slash are not my usual far so comments and constructive criticism are welcomed and appreciated. Also I must warn you, due to the fact I am English, I only have knowledge of Season 1. Unfortunately Season 2 hasn't made its way over the pond yet and won't do until further notice *cries* (*sniff* I miss LJ and Mike a bit too much!). So I apologise if this fic actually turns out to be AU because I haven't got the knowledge of further events after Season 1's finale. I hope you enjoy.

Title: Unopened Letters
Author: Me (squigglepop18)
Characters/Pairing: LJ Burrows/Nick Savrinn. Mentions of: Veronica Donovan, Lincoln Burrows, Michael Scofield, Dr Sara Tancredi and David Apolskis (Tweener)
Rating: I'll give it PG-13 for something LJ says but it's really just a pile of angsty slush.
Chapter ...of...: 1 of 3
Summary: LJ can't deal with how he's feeling right now. So he writes Nick a letter to get it all out.

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