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Does anybody remember that Starcrossed-video I made some time ago?

Well. This is what you get when your Starcrossed-vid is the only fanvid on Youtube:

Power up-films (Starcrossed is one of their films) contacted me few days ago. They wanted me to remove that Starcrossed-video and I need to tell them, why and what parts I used from it. I have 10 days to do that.

Also, they want all the money that I've made with it (thank God, I haven't made any money) and if I have icons or anything like that I have made from that movie... I have to remove them too.

Yes, I totally understand why they want me to remove that video and I've already done so, but I just wanted to warn you guys: Don't ever, ever, ever, ever add Starcrossed-vids on Youtube, because there is actually someone who cares about that and can do some nasty things with you, if you don't do as he says.

Anyway. Have a nice summer and don't do stupid things like I did. :D

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