Catherine Winner (sunrunnersioned) wrote in little_burrows,
Catherine Winner

Prison Break/Starcrossed

Hi everyone...PB fan here. (actually I haven't watched in a while but I still LOVE S1&2)
I just watched 'Starcrossed' and completely loved it! So here I am wondering if anyones ever written any fics or has any icons. I'd love to get my hans on either.
Also here's a fic as a peace offering, it's kinda an old one but it's still one of my faves! Please let me know what you think! thanks and I look forward to meeting you all!! 

Title:His Fight
characters/pairings: MiSa, LiJa, LJ
Spoilers:S1&2 (just to be safe)
Warnings: Drug abuse, voilence
Summery: They had their fight and LJ had his. The aftermath of everything from LJ's POV. 

His Fight )

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