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I posted the first chapter up here a little while ago, but decided to wait until it was all finished to post the rest. So here's the story in its entirety.

Title: All The Wrong Places
Character: T-bag
Prompt: 24. Family
Rating: Going from PG-13 to NC-17
Warnings: Rape (teh bumsex), non-con, violence, torture, death
Summary: T-bag was all he had left.
Author's Notes: T-bag/LJ, post-escape.

“You should be on your way then,” Michael said.

“Now hold on a moment Pretty, not so fast. We had a deal, remember?” T-bag replied.

Michael only glared at him. “Deal’s off.”

“Uh-uh-uh,” T-bag protested, “That ain’t how that works.”

Lincoln cut in, standing before T-bag menacingly. “Get out of here,” he growled, “Now.”

T-bag’s eyes flicked to LJ standing beside him as he slyly reached for the blade in his pocket.

“Don’t even-“

The rest of Lincoln’s words were cut off as blood splattered across LJ and T-bag’s faces. LJ just blinked for a moment as his dad fell over, blood spilling from the bullet hole in his chest.

“Dad!” LJ screamed.

Michael looked out the window and his eyes went wide in horror. “Get down! Now!” he yelled and he yanked LJ to the ground.

T-bag hit the floor as well as another bullet whizzed through the air, right where Michael had been standing a moment earlier.

“Looks like the warden found us,” T-bag said as more bullets began to zing past.

“It’s not the warden,” Michael replied, “LJ!”

LJ was crawling on his elbows towards his dad. Lincoln’s eye were blank and unmoving, a line of blood coming from his mouth, his grey prison sweatshirt stained red.

“Dad,” LJ sobbed, putting his hand out to touch his father.

“LJ, come on!” Michael said and he pulled the boy back as they belly crawled towards the door.

They ran down the stairs of the hotel, flying by room service and nearly knocking one of the maids over. The woman shrieked at the sight of their blood stained faces, cowering in fear. The three managed to run out the back exit and into the parking lot, Michael looking up over his shoulder to see if the agents were on their trail.

“This way,” Michael whispered, motioning for the others to follow.

He began making his way towards a parked car and then bam!

Michael fell over as the bullet went straight through his skull. LJ let out a strangled cry and even T-bag seemed shocked.

“Uncle Mike,” LJ cried, bending down towards his uncle.

“Come on kid, we gotta move,” T-bag said, tugging at LJ’s sleeve as Kellerman came out from around his car, his gun aimed and ready.

T-bag grabbed LJ by the arm and the two quickly ducked behind a parked car, before running off into the bushes.

Kellerman raised his gun and pointed it at the fleeing pair, trying to get a clear shot, but it was useless. His new partner, Agent Salas, ran up behind him, her gun drawn.

“They’re getting away!” she yelled.

Kellerman ignored her and walked over to Michael’s body.

“Well, shouldn’t we follow them?” Salas asked.

Kellerman just laughed. “Do you know who that was?” he asked, “The one the kid was with?”

Salas shook her head.

Kellerman’s smile faded. “That was Theodore Bagwell,” he said, “He was convicted of six murders in Alabama. Six underage murders. And now he’s running with a 15 year old kid? How long do you really think LJ Burrows is going to last with a guy like that?”

He flipped over Michael’s body with his foot, then muttered, “We’ll be reading about him on the front page by tomorrow.”

Salas just stared at him incredulously. She couldn’t believe that Kellerman actually thought that handing over a kid to a murdering pedophile was a good way to resolve things. She stared out at the bushes as Kellerman sat down in the driver’s seat.

“Get in the car,” he said and when she hesitated, he added, “Now.”

Salas quickly jumped into the passenger’s side. She knew what happened to people who didn’t listen to Kellerman. And she had no desire to join Hale.

They ran forever. Or at least that’s what it seemed like. They ran until their chests burned and their legs were threatening to give out. But no matter how far they got, LJ could still feel Kellerman right behind him. He would never be free. T-bag put out a hand to stop him and the two of them rested for a moment in the alleyway, the smell of the rancid dumpsters and the images of his family making LJ feel sick. He leaned against the brick wall and shut his eyes, trying not to cry. All of them. Gone. He felt the emotions bubbling inside him and he let out a sob, his back to T-bag. It was a stupid move, his dad and his uncle had warned him never to put his guard down around a guy like that, but he didn’t care anymore. He didn’t care about anything.

“You still got that address?” T-bag panted.

LJ hesitated. T-bag wasn’t supposed to know about that. Michael had whispered it to LJ one night, he was smart enough not to write it down where the murderer might find it, and had told LJ to head there if they were separated. They were definitely separated now. LJ knew he shouldn’t tell T-bag, he knew his uncle and his dad wouldn’t like it, he knew the guy was a monster. But if he didn’t… If he just made a run for it… He’d be all alone. Right now T-bag was all he had left.

“Yeah,” LJ breathed, wiping his tear-stained, bloody face.

T-bag had forgotten that his face was still spattered with Burrows’ blood and wiped his sleeve across it. “Well, lead the way,” he said.

More exercise for them now, but at least it was walking, not running. They stuck to the back roads, LJ following the landmarks that his uncle had told him. He got mixed up a couple of times, his memory wasn’t as good as Michael’s, but finally they were there, just as the sun began to set.

T-bag stared at the rundown shack in the middle of nowhere. “This is it?” he asked.

LJ was surprised himself. He squinted at the address, just barely able to make it out. This was the right place. “Uh, yeah…” he said.

“Boy, that’s an outhouse, not a living space,” T-bag remarked.

LJ ignored him and walked up to the front door. He reached under the grimy mat at the door and pulled out a rusted key. It took a few tries to open the door, but eventually it creaked forward and the two of them walked inside.

It was just as bad on the inside as it was on the outside. There was one room, aside from a tiny bathroom that just barely had enough room for a toilet and a sink. There was a tattered mattress on the floor and a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, it’s chain hanging low and almost hitting LJ in the head as he walked past it. There were a few old newspapers in one corner and a tin can full of rain water.

“Guess you all weren’t planning to stay here very long,” T-bag mused, kicking at a piece of newspaper.

LJ yawned and nodded as he sat down on the bare mattress. He was so very tired and right then he didn’t care enough to try and make small talk with T-bag. He just wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. He laid down on closed his eyes.

T-bag couldn’t believe the boy was just lying there, so vulnerable, leaving himself at T-bag’s mercy. It was too good. He felt that familiar throbbing between his legs as he watched LJ fall asleep, his chest rising and falling slowly. It took all the strength he had not to just take him then. But he had to play this carefully. If he made his move too soon, LJ would only freak out, he might even run away. And although T-bag did love a good chase, he wasn’t exactly up for one right now. No, he had to get the boy to trust him, to feel safe with him. Sure, his actions right now might look like feelings of security, but T-bag knew better. The kid was on a self-destruct mode. And T-bag needed to exploit that just enough to get what he wanted.

He heard a whimper and looked over at LJ. The boy was crying in his sleep, tears wetting his perfect skin. It made T-bag shiver. Slowly, he moved towards the mattress, then lay down next to LJ, wrapping his arms around the boy.

“Don’t cry, Little Pretty,” he whispered.

In his dream, LJ hugged his dad. He was alive and they were all okay. There was no Kellerman, no bullet wounds, no camping out in a one room shack with a pedophile. Just him and his dad. It was all okay.

LJ awoke the next morning as the sun shone through the curtain-less window. He sighed and then went to stretch, but stopped when he realized someone was holding onto him. His brow furrowed in confusion and for a moment he didn’t know where he was. Then everything came flooding back. The chase, the escape, his dad lying on the hotel floor covered in blood. He remembered they had been forced to hide in this horrible place. And he realized who the only person holding onto him could be.

LJ felt the bile rising in this throat and he quickly ran out the door, not even bothering to see if the plumbing in the bathroom worked. He threw up in the bushes beside the house, shuddering and shaking and sobbing miserably. His cry of anguish woke T-bag up from his deep sleep and he wandered outside to find the boy leaning against the house. T-bag walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder, but LJ shook him off, angrily.

“Don’t touch me!” he snarled, “Don’t even come near me, alright? Just…just leave me alone.”

“Alright,” T-bag said, “Whatever you want.”

And he sauntered back into the house, leaving LJ to mourn in peace. He would play by the kid’s rules for now, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long. He had never been one for constraint. He picked up one of the newspapers off the floor and began to read about the events that happened on December 16, 2001.

When he had calmed down, LJ walked around the back of the house. There was a stream there. It looked like the kind of place a dad would take his son fishing. That brought back fresh tears and he sat down on one of the rocks, his head in his hands. He tried not to think about it, but he couldn’t stop. The only picture in his mind was one of his family members drenched in red. He picked up a rock and hurled it into the water. It was Kellerman. He was the source of all his troubles. Oh how LJ wanted to make him pay. He chucked another rock in, imagining it was Kellerman’s head he was throwing it at.

“Quite pretty out here, ain’t it?” T-bag said as he walked up behind LJ.

“What do you want?” LJ muttered as he threw in another rock.

“Just to chat, that’s all,” T-bag replied as he sat down on a log.

“I thought I told you to leave me alone.”

“I know, I just figured you’d like to hear a little about your dad. You know, besides the things they print in the paper.”

LJ was interested now. “Like what?”

“Just shop talk,” T-bag replied, “Just the few run-ins I’ve had with him.”

LJ didn’t know if he wanted to know. But right now it was the only connection to his dad that he had.

“So tell me,” he said.

T-bag smiled. “Well this was a while back,” he said, “Before this whole conspiracy business, back when your daddy was incarcerated for a, uh, different conviction.”

He noticed LJ fidget uncomfortably at the mention of one of his dad’s previous jailhouse visits.

“There was this new fish, that’s what they call a new inmate, a skinny little kid, couldn’t be much older than you.” He eyed LJ up and down as the boy stared out at the water, then continued. “And some cons were hasslin’ him. These big negro fellas, that wanted to…well let’s just say they wanted to do some unsavoury things to that poor boy. So your daddy, he went up to them rugheads and he told ‘em they better leave that kid alone. But naturally, bein’ the thickhead niggers they were, they didn’t listen. So ol’ Linc the Sink had to straighten them out.” He laughed. “They never went near that kid again.”

It was a lie. Lincoln had helped T-bag beat the shit out of two black inmates in exchange for drugs. But he doubted that story would make LJ trust him. Instead, the boy was smiling now, enjoying the false image of his father, the hero.

LJ reached into his pocket and took out a granola bar.

“Snagged it from the hotel before…well before we left,” he said, “Here.”

He broke it in half and handed one half to T-bag who took it gratefully. He was starving.

“So what was the deal you had with my uncle?” LJ asked through a mouthful of food.

“Excuse me?”

“When you two were arguing back at the hotel. You said ‘we had a deal’. What was it?”

“You really wanna know?”

LJ blushed and looked away. “I guess not,” he muttered.

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully. LJ spent most of it either sitting by the water or lying on the mattress inside, watching the sun creep across the wall, just thinking. He felt so listless, so lethargic, aimless. He felt he had no purpose now. Well there was one. But that was a bold move. One he wasn’t sure he was ready to take. For now all he wanted to do was sleep. Sleep and eat, but the latter was less of an option. T-bag had left in the middle of the day and brought back some snacks from a gas station a few miles down, but it’d hardly been enough. He knew they’d have to move soon or they’d starve to death in this God forsaken little shack. But even the threat of starvation couldn’t motivate him to move. It just wasn’t worth it any more.

He couldn’t wait anymore. It was just far too tempting. T-bag licked his lips as he watched LJ sleep, the boy’s t-shirt having come up a bit, exposing the pale skin underneath. It was too much, he had to have him. He was amazed that he had even managed to hold out for this long.

T-bag slinked over to the sleeping boy and straddled him, pinning LJ’s arms above his head. LJ muttered something in his sleep as T-bag leaned down and kissed his collarbone. He felt the boy shudder beneath him and T-bag moved towards his ear, flicking his tongue against the lobe.

“What…what are you…” LJ asked sleepily as he woke up. He saw the murderer sitting on top of him and tried to get up. “What the hell are you doing?” he yelled.

T-bag held him down, he was a lot stronger than LJ had expected. “Come on now, tell me you didn’t see this coming?” the pedophile drawled.

LJ squirmed beneath him and T-bag felt himself getting hard.

“Stop it,” LJ squeaked as he felt the stiffness pressing against him, then added quieter, “Please.”

It sent a shiver down T-bag’s spine. He loved it when they begged.

“Now just relax, Little Pretty,” he whispered, “I promise I’ll go easy on you. I’ll make you feel real good.”

“I don’t…I don’t want this,” LJ said, his eyes filling with tears, “Please. Don’t.”

His bottom lip quivered and T-bag leaned down to kiss him, stifling any other protests, as he ground his hips against the younger boy. LJ couldn’t help it as his hips involuntarily moved forward, pressing against T-bag’s, trying to gain more contact.

T-bag let go of LJ’s wrists and began moving his hand down towards the boy’s pants. In an instant LJ reached up and tried to push the older man off of him. He sat up quickly and T-bag pushed him back down, before grabbing him by the hair.

“Do I need to tie you up?” he asked, his face close to LJ’s.

LJ shook his head, and T-bag let go and got up off of him.

“Good boy,” he said, then his hand trailed back down to LJ’s pants.

He ran his fingers along LJ’s hipbones lightly and he grinned when the boy bit his lip and looked away, tears falling from his pretty eyes. His hand slowly moved below the waistband and LJ’s hips bucked when T-bag’s hand wrapped around his dick. He felt himself getting hard after just a few strokes and felt ashamed. He shouldn’t be feeling like this. Not with another man. Not with this man.

T-bag tugged at LJ’s pants and then pulled them down. Now LJ felt sick, seeing himself exposed like this, seeing what that pervert was doing to him. And seeing how his body was reacting. T-bag teased LJ’s inner thigh with his fingers, his hand slowly moving up and down the boy’s length.

“Take off your shirt,” he said, and LJ hesitantly obeyed, scared of what would happen if he didn’t.

Now he felt even more exposed. He shut his eyes tight and put his hand up to his mouth, trying to stop himself from making any noise. He didn’t want T-bag to know that he was enjoying this. But T-bag didn’t need to look at his face to know. His body betrayed far more. T-bag licked his lips as he watched the boy’s taut stomach muscles twitching, his hips coming up off the mattress slightly every now and then as he jerked him. He was ready.

LJ’s eyes snapped open as he felt T-bag take his hand away. He hated himself for missing that touch, hated himself for wanting more.

T-bag was taking off his own shirt. And now his pants. And suddenly LJ grew scared as he caught sight of the murderer’s own erection. It was one thing to be jerked off by another man. It was a whole different thing to be fucked by one.

“No,” LJ protested, trying to get up, but T-bag moved over to him and pushed him back down.

“What? Did you think you’d get all the fun?” he asked as he held the boy down and climbed on top of him.

LJ looked up at him with fear in his eyes. “Don’t,” he pleaded, his voice choked by tears, “Don’t.”

“Don’t worry,” T-bag said, “I told you I’d go easy on you.”

“No,” LJ said, crying, “No, no…please…don’t.”

He was near hysterical now, sniffling, moving feebly beneath the killer, pleading and begging with him.

“Relax, Little Pretty,” T-bag whispered, as he kissed him again, “Just relax and it won’t be that bad. You understand?”

LJ hiccupped and nodded. He shuddered, then took a deep breath, trying to relax. Tears streamed silently down his cheeks as T-bag took his own member in his hand and pushed forward against the boy.

“Holy fuck,” LJ hissed, his eyes going wide, “Jesus…oh fuck…stop!”

“Come on Little Pretty, relax,” T-bag said and he moaned as he felt the youngest Burrow’s tense around him.

The boy was better than he expected.

“Ow please,” LJ protested, “Stop. Or just…go slower.”

“I go any slower and I’ll be goin’ backwards,” T-bag thought as he pushed himself in further.

He was amazed he had managed to be this gentle so far. But he wanted that boy to stay, he wanted plenty of other opportunities to make him moan his name. And that meant playing a little differently. This one wasn’t going to be just another victim. LJ Burrows was going to be his project.

The kid was still muttering obscenities, still in obvious pain. T-bag was now fully inside him and he grabbed onto the boy’s dick again as he began thrusting into him.

It hurt so much and LJ could hardly stand it. But just beyond that hurt there was pleasure and he tried desperately to concentrate on T-bag’s hand instead of the pain. He didn’t want to enjoy it, but it was his only choice. He’d take pleasure over pain. Even if that pleasure was as wrong as this one.

T-bag’s voice broke into his thoughts. “So before,” he said, biting his lip to hold back a moan, “You asked me what the deal was between me and your uncle.”

“I don’t want to know,” LJ said as the pain began to lessen a little.

“He offered to let me fuck him. Just like you are now. Mmm, he was such a pretty little fish.”

He squeezed LJ harder and the boy whimpered, his eyes filling with tears.

“Stop it,” LJ said.

“I’d see him in the showers,” T-bag drawled, “I couldn’t help but get hard. He had such a nice body. And especially with those tattoos. Did you ever get a chance to look at them?”

“Shut-up,” LJ said as T-bag sped up his pace.

“You’re ruining the plan,” T-bag thought, “You’re making him mad.”

But he couldn’t stop. LJ’s pain was so intoxicating to him. And if he made the kid come over talk of his pretty dead uncle, well that was just too good to pass up. It was like art or something.

“Just seeing him standing under that shower…the water running off his body…watching him soap up that big, beautiful cock of his… Well sometimes I think he spent a little too long doing that. Course I didn’t mind.”

This was sick. But even so, LJ could feel he was close.

“Don’t listen to him,” he thought, “Don’t listen. It’s just his hand that’s making you hard, that’s all.”

That only made him feel a little better.

T-bag groaned. “Such a pretty face,” he panted, “You can just…picture…those lips…wrapped around…”

He trailed off as LJ whimpered and came against his hand, his body tensing and tightening around T-bag. It was enough to send the murderer over the edge and T-bag was coming now too, moaning his nickname for LJ as he buried himself deep inside the boy.

He withdrew and LJ rolled over, curling up into a ball, his tears falling onto the mattress. T-bag wiped his hand on the dirty mattress then slid next to him, putting his arms around the boy and pressing against him.

“You did real good,” T-bag whispered, his breath hot on LJ’s neck.

LJ said nothing as he stared at the wall. He was dead inside now, there was nothing left. He decided it was time to make that bold move. Tomorrow, everything was going to change.

He didn’t sleep. Not at all. He had just lain there, naked, the killer’s arms holding him tightly. He couldn’t even cry anymore. Besides, he didn’t have to time to do that now, he couldn’t be dwelling on the past. He had to plan. And oh he did have such a good plan. He lay there, unmoving, even after T-bag had woken up and gotten dressed. The pedophile was now sitting down on the other side of the room, leafing through a moldy newspaper.

“So what’s the plan, Little Pretty?” he asked.

LJ didn’t respond.

“Don’t tell me you plan on staying in this place.”

LJ ignored him as he got up and got dressed, his face devoid of any expression. He moved like he was on autopilot, just going through the motions.

T-bag smiled. “No hard feelings about last night, right, Little Pretty?”

He chuckled and LJ turned away from him and walked out the door. He went around the back of the house and picked up the rusted pickaxe leaning against it.

T-bag’s eyes went wide as he saw the boy re-enter with the weapon in his hands.

“Whoa, now hold on a minute,” he said nervously as LJ came towards him.

LJ raised the pickaxe as the murderer threw up his hands and tried to scramble away, yelling, “No no no, wait!”

LJ brought the pickaxe down into the floorboards right in front of T-bag and succeeded in smashing right through them. Still startled, T-bag watched as the boy began hacking away at the floor of the little shack. Soon there was a reasonably large hole. LJ threw the pickaxe down and peered in. Hesitantly, T-bag crept over to the hole and looked down as well. His eyes went wide as the saw the piles and piles of cash that had been resting beneath their feet.

“Is that enough to help me find someone in the Secret Service?” LJ asked.

T-bag grinned. “Boy, that’s enough to help you find ten Secret Service agents,” he replied excitedly.

LJ’s face remained grim. “Good,” he said.

“It’s been two weeks and still nothing,” Kellerman said, irritated, as he threw down another newspaper without any mention of the youngest Burrows in it, “Either Bagwell let him live for some reason or he’s hidden the body real good.”

“Or he’s taking his time,” Salas said, a hint of disgust in her voice.

Kellerman ignored her. He was seated at his desk in what was their temporary base of operations. The Chicago branch of federal investigators had been nice enough to provide him with a nice office for the time being. One with a view. It was amazing the strings his boss could pull.

He sighed. “Looks like we’re just gonna have to go out and find the kid. He’s becoming a real thorn in my side, you know? One I hope to soon get rid of. Go home for the night. We’ll leave here tomorrow morning.”

Salas nodded and headed towards the door, when suddenly it sprang open. She gave a cry of surprise and reached for her gun, but the knife held tightly to her throat stopped her.

“Don’t you move a muscle there, girly,” the Southern voice hissed in her ear and her hand slid away from her holster.

Kellerman smiled as LJ approached him, pointing a gun at the agent’s head. “Well, looks like I found him,” he said.

His hand reached under the desk and his smug smile quickly faded as he felt the torn bits of wire on his fingertips.

“Looking for this?” LJ asked as he held up a small button, brightly coloured and cut wires poking out of it.

“How did you…”

“It’s amazing what people will do for money,” LJ said, “Like your cleaning guy, Jose. He thought a silent alarm button was a fair trade for a new Mercedes.”

“Do something,” Salas said as T-bag pressed the knife harder against her throat, but Kellerman was powerless. His own gun was in his jacket, draped across the chair on the other side of the room.

He still kept up his façade though. “LJ, do you really wanna do this?” he reasoned, “Are you really going to become a killer? I can tell this isn’t you. You don’t want to do this. You’re not a murderer, LJ.”

“You don’t know anything about who I am,” LJ said angrily.

“So that’s it then? You’re just gonna shoot me in cold blood.”

“No,” LJ said, “I’m not going to shoot you.”

T-bag grinned and let go of Salas as he took her gun from her. He pointed it at her head and, putting some rope in her hands, said, “Tie him up.”

Salas just stared at him, frightened. She was just a rookie, she had no idea what to do in a situation like this. She was used to quick and clean jobs, get in, get out. Nothing she’d done had ever ended up like this.

“Do it!” LJ yelled and Salas quickly walked over to Kellerman and began to tie the rope around him, binding him to the chair. T-bag followed her, still aiming the gun at the back of her skull.

Kellerman meanwhile, was still trying to bargain. “Come on LJ, is this really what your family would want? Do you think Lincoln Burrows would want his son to become a murderer?”

“Shut-up!” LJ screamed, “You don’t get to say his name! Ever!”

“He wouldn’t want you to do this,” Kellerman continued, “Is this really how you’re going to honour your dad’s memory?

“Make it tight,” T-bag whispered to Salas as she tied the knots.

“You know what,” LJ said, “Talk all you want. Because it may have been quick for them, but it’s going to be slow for you.”

T-bag, satisfied with Salas’ job, hauled her up by her hair. “You care what happens to this one?” he asked.

Salas looked at LJ frantically, pleading with her eyes.

“No,” LJ said and T-bag smiled, before pulling the agent over to the couch. He threw her over the arm of the sofa and began tying her hands behind her back.

“Please kid,” Salas begged, as she began to cry, “Please, I didn’t do anything.”

LJ ignored her and turned back to Kellerman as Salas’ pleas were cut off by T-bag slapping a piece of duct tape over her mouth. Kellerman seemed slightly scared now. His smile was gone and his tough exterior seemed to have faded a little.

“Come on LJ,” he said nervously as the boy began making his way over to him.

“You know what it felt like,” LJ asked, as he spun Kellerman’s chair around to face him, “when you shot my mom? It felt like I’d been stabbed in the gut. Like somebody had just ripped my insides out.”

He set the gun down and pulled the deadly looking knife out of his pocket and now Kellerman was really scared.

“LJ, that wasn’t me,” Kellerman protested, “It was Hale. I never-“

“Shhh…” LJ cut him off, sounding eerily like T-bag as he moved closed, his fingers playing with the shiny weapon, “You know, I learned a few things these past few weeks. T-bag showed me some new tricks.” He plunged the knife into Kellerman’s abdomen and the agent cried out in pain. “Like where to cut a man so that he doesn’t die, but that it still hurts like hell.”

LJ withdrew the knife as the sound of Kellerman’s agony was joined by the sound of T-bag raping Salas. LJ barely noticed. He was a man on a mission now.

“Ow…oh God…” Kellerman panted as blood dribbled out of the wound, staining his white shirt.

“Okay so maybe you didn’t kill my mom,” LJ said, “My mistake. But you did kill my dad. And my uncle. And you know what that felt like?” He leaned over Kellerman, getting very close to his face, “Like you tore out my heart.”

He plunged the knife into Kellerman’s chest and the agent screamed.

“That was just to the left of your heart,” LJ said, “Don’t worry, it’s not fatal.”

He stabbed the knife in again and Kellerman was nearly crying from the pain.

“That was just to the right,” LJ informed him.

“Some…someone will hear…” Kellerman breathed.

“I doubt that,” LJ replied, “You know you really should get better co-workers. Ones that like you maybe. Or at least ones that can’t be so easily bought off. Trust me, no one’s gonna hear.”

“And even if they do,” T-bag added, “They ain’t comin’ in.”

The pedophile discarded his weapons and withdrew from Salas before throwing her down on the couch. He climbed on top of her and began strangling the agent as she thrashed beneath him. LJ didn’t seem to care. He was too busy with Kellerman. He stabbed him again in the chest, blood now covering the knife as well as LJ’s clothes.

“Do you know what I’m doing?” LJ asked.

Kellerman’s eyes were half closed as he struggled to speak. Finally, he said quietly, “Ripping my heart out.”

“That’s right,” LJ said and he stabbed Kellerman one last time.

The agent coughed and gagged as blood began to come out his mouth and LJ moved away from him, satisfied. He stared into Kellerman’s eyes, watching the light fade from them, watching the man die.

T-bag stepped back from Salas’ lifeless body as he pulled up his pants. He looked down at the body, then picked up the knife and impaled it in her chest. Blood made everything look so much prettier. He made his way over to LJ who was still staring at Kellerman’s body.

T-bag leaned against the boy and kissed the back of his neck. LJ shivered as he set the knife down on the desk. He turned around to face T-bag and the older man kissed him with ferocity, biting at the boy’s lower lip hard enough to draw blood. LJ didn’t resist. He was done caring at this point. He had just become a murderer. He guessed he and T-bag really were alike now. Even if he managed to find Veronica, even if Nick was still alive, they’d never accept what he’d become. And he didn’t think he wanted them to. He didn’t want them to see what he really was. He was a monster. And the only person who could possibly love someone like that was standing right next to him.

“What do we do now?” LJ asked as T-bag broke away.

We. The boy said we. Looks like the project would continue after all. T-bag couldn’t help but smile at the thought of spending more time with LJ, of being able to shape the kid a little more. Of being able to one day turn him into someone like him.

“Well,” T-bag said, “I hear Panama’s nice.”


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