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Okay, guys.

This morning, I got an email telling me that I had been made moderator of this comm. Confused, I went to veradeath (who was given reins after miss_mandy left), who told me that she was heavily debating deleting her LJ and wanted to make sure that comms weren't under her care before then. That was an hour ago.

I honestly don't know why she handed this comm over to me, but since I have too much stuff to do and don't want to have another responsibility, I'm asking for a new mod. Comment if you're interested. Replies will be screened.
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Starcrossed trailer

If you are a fan of Starcrossed, you'll be happy to hear this! :)

Seems like, the plans for making a feature film are not dead at all! The project is moving along! What's more, there is a trailer available (featuring scenes from the short movie). There are no news about the cast just yet, since the creators are still trying to get financial help to get things started.

You can download the trailer here: [4.7MB, avi. If you have problems with playing the file, install the VLC media player!] -->

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We interrupt this journal to bring you the following announcement.

Currently, prisonbreaknews is looking for some new reporters. They're looking for dedicated fandom people who are willing to help compile lots of cool Prison Break stuff like icons, fic and news etc. It might sound like it's a hard job, but they have a very simple system so really the only thing you need is to be able to devote your time.

These might be good things to have if you're thinking about joining:

1. Basic understanding of html. If you know how to do lj-cut, bold, italic and such, then you're good. (I mean seriously, they had me working there.)

2. Time

3. Fandom love

4. No discriminations (You don't have to like slash, but you have to be willing to include it.)

If you're crazy about Prison Break, I recommend this e-job for you. It's a lot of fun and you get a first hand look at all the neat stuff that fandom produces.

If you're interested, you can e-mail angel_1013 @ livejournal[dot]com. (Please don't contact me regarding any inquiries, as I'm just the messenger.)

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Hi. Again. Because you're not making new entries, I have to! ;)

I made a fanvid. About what? Starcrossed, of course. I love that movie, I love the way how Marshall plays his character and most of all, I love that ending. (Also, I heard they're gonna make a longer version about it? It's that true? )

Enjoy. :)
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Hi, I'm kinda new (why it sounds always so stupid? :D ) and...well. I made this vid and I don't know does anyone even want to see it, but you can always try, eh?

Warning: There is spoilers from season 2. (Also, YouTube has somekind of problems with that video at least right now when I'm writing this. But I believe it works soon again. :) )

Also, few icons I made:

Firs one is from Prison Break (like anyone couldn't tell it), second and third one are from Hostage.

And sorry for my english. I can read it, but writing it is something I shouldn't ever do. :D
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As promised to my dear motioncity44, here is the sequel to her Nick/LJ fic, Privacy (scroll down a few entries to read it, it's not that far down from this one). I was given kind permission to write this sequel, as I felt that it really shouldn't have ended there :). Enjoy.

Title: Broken Pencils
Author: Me
Characters: Nick Savrinn, LJ Burrows, mention of Veronica Donovan and Lincoln Burrows.
Disclaimer: The usual. Don't own and am very unhappy that I don't.
Rating: NC-17 or, as we English say, 18 :)
Summary: Nick wonders why LJ leaves broken pencils in the the bin...

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